Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

As the 1st semestral of the school year 2005 - 2006 came to a close, it suddenly hit me that now I have to face the realities of life. It had been a struggle to finish college but it was one of the most memorable years of my life. Coming from DLSU and ADMU communities in college gave me the best times of my life and gave me the most challenges and turning points a student would face. Entering DLSU was very exciting for me... going into my dream school and having the hardest course was certainly a big plus. I had friends that I wouldn't forget and my high school barkada was nearby in other courses in DLSU and some in CSB, it would certainly be a blast and who would forget my wonderful blockmates who accepted me and helped me whenever I needed them and the sweetest inspiration entering college was my girlfriend koky. Memories in DLSU were a plenty like being a absent everytime but still getting the highest score for Trigsol and the ENGTER Block which had me compared to Dindo Pumaren of the Purefoods TJ Hotdogs. One of the best part was winning 3rd place against 60 DLSU students including UAAP players in the 3 point shoot out. Memories of conquering the billiards table against friends and unknown opponents and the precision billiard's skill of Alexei and yours truly. There was also the 3 on 3 PE basketball tournament which Alexei and I dominated. Being the model of every move in basketball for PE and getting an A in basketball and loving it. But when I got german measles, I failed almost all my subjects which pitted me to transfer in ADMU. Who would know that my second life in college would equally match and surpass the memories held in DLSU.
ADMU was pretty much similar with DLSU but with a twist, students in ADMU were more of grade concious persons and I thought this would be a lonely school for me. Making friends in ADMU on my 1st year was a bit hard for I was quiet and an introvert. I stayed in the library most of the time and slept there and sometimes studied. Then I met my ECE friends batch 2000 and 2001 and thats when things changed. Joining the IAC with the Choopuppies and AECES2 was a blast and making an AECES inter batch tournament was a great one thanks to Martin. Being recruited by the YFC basketball team against other schools was memorable being the star point guard. Winning best in boad 2 in inter batch chess in 2004. Making another IAC team with Choopuppies Reloaded and AECES. Joining the IECEP basketball tournament to represent Ateneo and defeating the defending champs TIP QC. Getting win after win with the new and improved Choopuppies with the NY Noks and joining the 3 on 3 tournament with Miko, Rod and Nok. Getting an A in PE basketball once again. And the best memories with friends in the ECE community. For in every hardships, troubles, almost getting kicked out they were always there and being supportive with me. And the dynamic duo of Miko and I both in basketball and in chess.
This day has been a day of reminiscing. As I went home with my best friend Tiki, we passed by the Mayuga village and went to the basketball court were everything started. This was the first whole court basketball we played in and we were that damn good. My first top board and were I gained confidence as a basketball player. There were bad games and a whole lot of good games which gave me respect both in basketball and in personality. My day ended by shooting in the court were it all started and playing 21 with my best friend Tiki. Its just so hard to believe that school has ended and childhood has passed by. Now I'm going to enter a new chapter in my life. Thank you for the wonderful childhood and college memories!!!


Blogger Martin said...

walanghiya ka brad...akala ko kilala na kita...ang lupit mo pala mag reminisce. ang sarap basahin ng blog mo, parang nararamdaman ko na rin yung nararamdaman mo. kahit naka-jp english. hehehehe.

9:24 PM  
Blogger tylerDurton said...

i-edit mo yung grammar mo, sayang yung post ok na sana eh. on the other hand, makabubuti na rin cguro na wag mo i-edit magiging out of character pag tama ang grammar hahaha mas maganda ang jp brand of english, like what martin said

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Joyee said...

'steg JP! sus, di ko akalaing may gantong "side" ka pala! *wehehehe*

peace out! =) c u soon.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous tiki ilagan said...

Lupet mo pare, sakto lahat, lalo na yung Phase 6-A basketball mems hehehe

*please take note all blogs written by my best friend j.p are true to life stories.

promise mabaog man ako =)

10:08 PM  

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