Thursday, September 22, 2005

Phase 6A Dynasty in the making (part 5)

Going into the 5th season of Bad Bulls, the team is gunning for its 5th straight championship. Retaining its 3 main players namely MVP JP Pangilinan, top scorer Tiki Ilagan and shot blocker Juni Antonio, the Black team once again breeze through the regular season games and entered the finals once again with a 7 - 2 record. The Blue team led once again by Ryan de Guzman, RJ Pangilinan, CP Romualdez and newly recruit Ron struggled to enter the finals needing to win a playoff match against the White team led by a new player Kim which had identical records of 6 - 3. Luckily for the Blue team, they were able to escape and win against the White team with the defense of Ron in the middle. Kim scored 40 points in a valiant effort against the White team. The finals was once again Black team versus Blue team in a 4th straight finals match. The Black team had a hard time scoring inside the paint as Ron defended his area tightly and didn't allow shots to come from inside. The Black team tried to keep the game close with 3 pointers and mid range jumpers from all over the floor but the Blue team kept a 12 point margin going into half time. The second half proved to be a different story as Tiki Ilagan led the team into a comeback scoring 10 straight points to cut the lead into 2. JP Pangilinan drove inside the lane and was able to get a foul from Ron which pitted him into foul trouble. With Ron in foul trouble, JP Pangilinan and Tiki Ilagan took advantage of the paint as they drove to the basket on every possession to keep the Blue team at bay with a 6 point lead. On the last 2 minutes of the game, Ryan de Guzman scored 8 straight unanswered points to give them a two point lead with 5 seconds left on the clock. The Blue team had a pre mature celebration expecting the Black team to call a time out but Juni Antonio took the ball out and gave the ball to Tiki Ilagan as he drove down the lane to sink the game winning shot with no time remaining in the clock. The Black team won its 5th straight championship which proved to be a big heartbreaker to the Ryan de Guzman led squad. Ryan de Guzman said after the game "kala ko wala ng oras o kay ay tatawag sila ng time out after my shot, kaya nagcelebrate kami ng teammates ko pero may oras pa pala at di pa sila nagtime out". Tiki Ilagan said "nakita kong nagkakagulo sila dun at alam kong may oras pa kaya pinalabas ko yung bola kay Juni at ni lay up ko at the last second". JP said "it might be the most controversial championship we won, but we'll take it, mistake nila yun kaya we took advantage". The refs finalize the game and awarded the match to the Black team depite Blue team's protest.


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