Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Road to Championship (part 2)

With the big win of the New York Noks, the team is now on a roll, winning 2 of their last 3 games dating back from last season. The next opponent for the NY Noks is the championship favorite Team Nutballs. Without the team Nutballs leading scorer Ralph Tagalog, the NY Noks took advantage of the 1st quarter with a 3 pointer from Jopoy Pandaraoan (V BS CS) and a quick up and under move from JP Pangilinan (V BS ECE). The Dormer's 5 came back and took the lead with Karl Pulma (III BS ECE) leading the way and pitting Rod Coronel (V BS ECE) in foul trouble. With the physical play of team Nutballs, the Dormer's took advantage of every rebound from the inside the paint to have a commanding 12 point lead to end the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter the NY Noks made a 7 - 0 run with 3 minutes remaining with a 3 pointer from Raffy Zuniga (V BS ECE), and quick lay ins from Rod Coronel and JP Pangilinan to cut the lead into 5. But Karl Pulma took over and posted up with power and Aldwill Go sinking the important free throws the Dormers took the game away from the NY Noks. Aldwill Go lead all scorers for the Nutballs while Rod Coronel lead the Noks with 9 points while JP Pangilinan and Miko Sabado chipped in 7 and 4 points for the losing cause.


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