Sunday, September 18, 2005

Phase 6A Dynasty in the making (part 3)

The 3rd season of Bad Bulls was a bit harder, the Black team composed of JP Pangilinan, Tiki Ilagan and Juni Antonio finished the season with a win - loss record of 6 - 3 which were identical to the season record of Red Team led by Johannes Quiban, Jason de Jesus and CP Romualdez. The Blue team led by Ryan de Guzman and RJ Panglinan finished the season with 7 - 2 win - loss record putting them in the championship. A knock out match was scheduled between the Black and Red team. The Red team started the match by being aggressive on offense being led by Johannes Quiban's series of attack under the basket which pitted Juni Antonio into foul trouble which gave them a 10 point lead ending the first half. In the second half, JP Pangilinan and Tiki Ilagan's 1 - 2 punch combined for 30 points with JP Pangilinan's jumpers all over the floor and Tiki Ilagan's 3 pointers, the Black team came back and took the lead for good. Johannes Quiban led all scorers with 40 points for the Red team while JP Pangilinan and Tiki Ilagan both scored 32 points for the Black team which arranged another showdown between the Blue team and Black team in the finals. Ryan de Guzman and RJ Pangilinan sizzled in the first half of the finals to give their team an 8 point advantage going into halftime. In the second half, JP Pangilinan and Tiki Ilagan came back and quickly gained advantage of the ball game. Ryan de Guzman tried to carry his team by keeping the game close with his high flying maneuvers inside the paint. But with the game on the line, Tiki Ilagan sank a 3 pointer on the right side to give the Black team a 3 point lead with 30 seconds left in the game. Ryan de Guzman once again attacked the basket with a quick 2 point to cut the lead into 1. But Tiki Ilagan held on to the ball in the dying seconds and knocked down 2 clutch free throws to win the championship for the Black team. JP Pangilinan said "this is our 3rd championship and is certainly the sweetest one, from almost being knocked out of the championship match but still coming back and winning everything". JP Pangilinan took home MVP honors on one of the closest MVP race in Ph6A history between JP Pangilinan, Tiki Ilagan and Ryan de Guzman. Tiki Ilagan said after the awarding ceremony "alam kong deserving si JP maging MVP dahil consistent yung mga laro niya nung season elimination at nadala niya yung team nung mga panahon na di ako nakapaglaro, kaya i'm happy for my best friend". This was the first 3 peat in the history of Ph6A.


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Blogger jMe said...

Totoong interview ba 'to???

Hahaha Ü Ang galing talaga magsulat ni JP, captivating! Parang totoo e!

10:45 AM  

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