Saturday, September 24, 2005

A New Name, A New Beginning ...

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The Choopuppies management have decided to change the IAC team name. The new name of the newly improved team would be New York Noks. With the New York Knicks being well known for their defense in the 1990's, the New York Noks team added several players to improve the defensive arsenal of the NY Noks team. The team added defensive specialist Roy Rollan from the defending champion Weltchmertz, Pitt Santiago from the full court pressing team Justice League and shot blocker Jopoy Pandaraoan from the Team Atomica to complete the triple tower inside the paint. The New York Noks team have a projected starting line up of all around player Miko Sabado point guard, Choopuppies ace player JP Pangilinan shooting guard, 2004 recruit of the year Rod Coronel small forward, Jopoy Pandaraoan whose game is being compared to Hanamichi Sakuragi of Shohoku at power forward and tower in the middle Raffy Zuniga center. With the addition of Roy Rollan and Pitt Santiago, the NY Noks would now have a deeper bench and better defensive team both the first and second team. With the new additions, the management looks forward to a successful season for the upcoming 2005 - 2006 IAC season. JP Pangilinan said "ngayong mas malakas na kami, we are not just aiming to win games but we are aiming to win the championship, last season na namin toh, and we're planning to leave a legacy of the "Noks" name in the IAC tournament". The name New York Noks came from the 3 on 3 team of JP Pangilinan, Miko Sabado, Rod Coronel and Nok Gammuac which dedicated the name "Nok Nok Mo" to their player Nok Gammuac which has been a great inspiration to the team.


Blogger jMe said...

Skwater yung logo! Hahaha Ü As usual, brilliant interviewing, JP Ü

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panget! halatang patong yung mga letters! hahaha!

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