Friday, September 23, 2005

Phase 6A Dynasty in the making (part 6)

With the 6th season of Bad Bulls, the team is gunning for its 6 straight championship. With the Black team's line up intact, they are once again the favorites to win the 2000 Phase 6A Mini Olympics. The season did not go very well for the Black team, as they needed to win their final season game against the White team led by Kim to have identical records with the White team in order to have another knockout match for the finals slot against the White team. The Blue team entered the finals once again with their 4 superstars namely Ryan de Guzman, Rj Pangilinan, Ron and CP Romualdez. The Black team once again had a dilemma, as their leading scorer for the season, Tiki Ilagan will not be able to play due to personal reasons. So the Black team was once again in the hands of JP Pangilinan. The game started ferociously with JP Pangilinan and Kim exchanging basket per basket as the half ended in a deadlock. The second half started with the White team going strong and getting an 8 point lead with 5 minutes to go in the game. JP Pangilinan took over from there, driving in the lane each time to draw Kim's 4th foul. With Kim in foul trouble, JP Pangilinan kept pounding inside to win the game for the Black team to arrange another showdown with the White team for a spot in the finals. JP Pangilinan said "buti na lang nanalo kami kasi kala ko di namin kaya without Tiki nuti na lans nakalusot kami, sa next game nandyan na si Tiki kaya masconfident kami". The knockout match started with Kim once again doing the damage for the White team as he scored at will everytime. With Tiki Ilagan and JP Pangilinan working together, they kept the game close going into halftime. The final half started with the Black team getting a 10 point lead thanks to the JP - Tiki connection. But Kim, with last years finals playoff fresh in his mind, kept driving inside the paint to get the momentum and the lead with a minute remaining. Kim made a defensive stop against Tiki Ilagan in the dying second to win the game by a difference of 2 points to enter their first finals appearance. The Blue team eventually won the finals and received their first championship in 5 straight finals appearance. It proved to be a sweet finals victory for the Blue team as it was Ryan de Guzman's final game for the Phase 6A village. The Bad Bull's legacy ended in 2002 with 6 championships and 3 third place finishes. The Bad Bulls will always be remebered as the team who dominated Phase 6A basketball and made Phase 6A history with the largest winning margin in a single game, the highest individual score a player ever made in a single game and the most championships in the history of Phase 6A.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger jMe said...

Aaaw. Natapos na ang dynasty? Akala ko for life na yun e.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

pucha. habang binabasa ko yung mga entries mo iniimagine kita, sabi ko sa sarili ko..."ang galing naman mag basketball ni jp nung bata siya". kaso narealize ko, 10 years ago, you werent 12 years old like me. you were 15! hehehehe.

8:01 PM  

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