Friday, September 09, 2005

Choopuppies Reloaded Ends its season in the Final 64...

After tasting victory, the Choopuppies Reloaded team were in cloud 9 but in the final 64, Choopuppies Reloaded fell back to earth and had to face reality once again. Up against the sophomore's division champion, the odds were once again stacked up against the Choopuppies Reloaded team. The Choopuppies Reloaded team coming from a victory against Team UY fell out of steam against the sophomore champs. Proving to be too much for the Choopuppies Reloaded, the sophomores were always ahead of the game for the entire game. Choopuppies Reloaded kept the game closed for the first 3 quarters but when it counted most, the sophomores pulled away in the last minutes of the 4th quarter. JP Pangilinan (IV BS ECE) engaged in a shoot out with the Sophomore's MVP in the 3rd quarter which was very memorable. JP Pangilinan said "i was feeling it in the 3rd quarter, i felt like i can't miss, every shot i fired seems to have found the basket everytime, but i salute the sophomore's MVP for matching up with my shots, kala ko kaya namin pero nabitin kami sa huli". The sophomore's defense in the 4th quarter proved to be too much for the Choopuppies Reloaded as they stole ball after ball in the last minutes of the 4th quarter. The sophomores used a half court press that Choopuppies had no answers to. JP Pangilinan led all scorers with 30 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 assists. Rod Coronel (IV BS ECE) once again took care of the boards with 16 rebounds to go along with 8 points and 5 steals while Miko Sabado had an all around game once again with 2 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds and 2 steals. Miko Sabado said "this was another learning experience for us, babalik kami next year, and next year we will be a much stronger team". Choopuppies Management has plans to drop the Choopuppies franchise name and plans to rebuild from scratch. Choopuppies would be entering an early summer training camp and plans to add defensive specialists Roy Rollan formerly from Seniors champion Weltchmertz, Pitt Santiago from Justice League team which is a defense oriented team and Jopoy Pandaraoan from team Atomica. With these additions, the Choopuppies team will have a deeper bench, have a triple tower inside the paint and will become a more defense oriented team. "Offense wins games but defense wins championships".


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Ang galing-galing ni JP. Last year pa 'tong game na 'to pero alam pa rin nya mga stats ng players. New York Noks naman next, tas interviewhin mo yung audience. Woohoo!!!Ü

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