Monday, February 02, 2009

Team Sabado wins 1st Game

This is a post from my teammate's blog:

Team Sabado wins first game in 3 years

"I dreamt about it last night", said team captain JP Pangilinan, who scored most of the points for the team through fast break, free throws and three pointers. "I had good feeling at the start of the game."

Although no one knows whether he was just kidding, the team was very happy with the way they played. Undermanned with only one reserve player, the team kept the same pace throughout the game. The opponent lead during the first quarter but with the collective effort of the "magic six", as Pangilinan calls them, the lead was overcome and the opponent never lead after the first half. The magic six was composed of Miko Sabado, Guiller Salumbides, Fred Geronimo, Stephen Cate, JP Pangilinan, and of course the awesome and recently chickenpoxed Rod Coronel. The game ended with a score of 58-38.

"I didn't expect it", said Rod Coronel. "Gatorade must really work! Now we know how to win..." In a recent blog post, Coronel promised to bring the said sports drink due to a bad experience in their previous game of having nothing to replenish his thirst. Playing coach Miko Sabado emphasized that they should maintain a same strategy and pace for the remaining games if they want to make it to the final four.

The win was the first real win of the team in their third season playing in the ABL (Ateneo Basketball League). Last season, the team was able to obtain a single win, but only through default.

The question now is: will history repeat itself? It can be remembered that the franchise, during their three years in the IAC basketball league was winless in their first two years. Dropping the Choopuppies team name, the team redeemed itself on its third season in the league, winning five out of seven games in the eliminations and reaching the final four. Will they do the same thing this year? We'll know the answer for sure after their next four games, three of which they have to win.

The team was cheered by a loyal fan, Chi Billiones who was the lone supporter of the team throughout the game.

*All quotes were originally in Filipino.

Blog Article by Rod Coronel


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