Sunday, October 19, 2008

Basketball Nicknames

Every good basketball player gets a nickname on the court whether it be on a gym or a playground. I've gotten quite a few while growing up. My very first nickname was the "Plastic Man". I got it in our playground here in our village. It was a good nickname and i won almost every tournament we joined back then and the most memorable moment was when i was awarded MVP of the tournament. I was called "Air JP" because of that MVP plum. In my high school also, i had nice game also and since an unknown player from the Phoenix Sun was on the rise back then, my game resembled his game in my school and therefore they called me Elliot Perry because of that. In college, i was the leading scorer for my IAC team and one of my teammates complemented me with my crossover dribble and he called me "Stephon Marbury". Now, in Ericsson Telecommunications, i became the starting point guard and we won the 2007 Net Tournament. We tried to defend the title this year but unfortunately we lost but because of my game, i became known as "Speedy Gonzales". Those are some of the nicknames i've gotten while playing basketball and my favorite is "Speedy Gonzales".


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