Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Game Is Made Outside

I remember playing my 1st basketball when we transferred to BF Homes, Paranaque. I was 7 years old when i first dribbled a basketball, made my first shot and gain new friends at the process. This was at the street near my house, so literally we call it street basketball. Zaragoza Street was our house then (this is my house), we had a nice court, 4pm was usually game time. Even when i was little and young, i had no hesitations to play with the older guys playing there. At first, we were not allowed to play with them because they play serious ball which usually involves money or what we call "pustahan" or "coke". It just means the losing team would treat the winning team with a bottle of coke usually Litro size or 500ml. So in order for us younger guys to play ball, we usually play earlier, under the streaking heat of the sun, usually after lunch time, 1pm my friends and I play basketball until 4pm approaches and the older guys would usually bully us into leaving the court. Our game were usually for fun, we just wear slippers and our "pambahay" and we just played with our hearts out. Some of us were standouts and some of us soon played with the older guys playing "pustahan" with them. Fouls were honesty system, and time outs were usually called when cars had to pass by the street. This is where I first played hoops and my game developed here, I became tough because my teammates and opponents were older, taller and stronger (magulang maglaro), I trained myself to shoot well, dribble well and jump very high. We had tournaments 4on4 tournaments in the street and I won MVP awards and gold medals for being part of the champion team. I will never forget where I came from and where my house is. Phase 6A Zaragoza Street is my house and this is where my game was made. Respect that...


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