Monday, December 17, 2007


I saw the article below about Coach Doc River's experience on different kinds of injuries with his players:
Boston coach Doc Rivers has seen players go down with all sorts of injuries over the years.
He coached Corey Maggette when Maggette missed a game because of what Rivers referred to a "pedicure" (it was actually a fungus problem) and Rivers saw Stephen Hunter sprain an ankle once in a layup line before the game.
But the injury suffered by Celtics center Kendrick Perkins last week takes the cake as Perkins contends that he injured his right big toe when his bed collapsed and fell on it. Rivers was informed of the incident by the team trainer and resisted comment. "There were too many punch lines, so I left them alone," said Rivers.
This reminds me of my injury this year, my team was 3 - o, and my team and I were playing extremely well. I was playing 35 minutes per game and we had 1 more game remaining and were off to the playoffs. The weekend before our last 1st round game, i had manicure and pedicure, and on the day of our game i felt that my right foot was a little swollen so i taped my foot and ignored the pain. I went to work and on game time when i was about to change, my foot was badly swelling, i can't walk and i was limping going to the court, then i told my coach that i had swollen foot and i was to embarassed to tell my teammates why i can't play that game. My injury was because of the pedicure, the same thing that Corey Maggette had. It's nice to know i'm not the only one who experienced that injury. Luckily i recovered in time for the playoffs, and we won the championship.
My coach exact words the day before the playoffs:
"Walang magpapapedicure this weekend, baka magaya kayo kay JP"


Blogger jMe said...


Grabe ka di ka man lang nagpaparamdam a, tampo na ko sa 'yo. :(

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Blogger jp8 said...

hahaha!!! kaw kaya di nagpaparamdam, nagmemessage ako sayo sa ym lagi... kelan uwi mo?

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