Monday, September 18, 2006

What's Up JP!!!

I'm still sick, have been sick since last week because of dust from transferring to our new building in Ericsson. Hirap pa naman ng inaasthma, ubo ng ubo sa work at ang hirap matulog tapos haluan mo pa ng sipon. Tomorrow may game pa naman kami versus DMPI, lalaro ako no matter what. I was walking at Adidas Sports Camp and saw their gym, so I walked in then coach Bong approached me and showed me around, I like their training program because not only do you become physically fit but also you become a well rounded athlete unlike other gyms which focuses on strength and building body mass. I like my body the way it is just need to develop my abs once again though. I'll give the Adidas gym a try and maybe enroll there to be able to work out regularly. Nagemail din ABL (Ateneo Basketball League) sakin, hopefully I can join together with my Ateneo teammates, kung sinong teammates at team di ko pa alam. Hopefully magchampion naman kami this time. I will get ready for the upcoming ABL season and hopefully be a key factor for my team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Pael said...

dapat dala mo lagi inhaler mo tol, baka naiiwan mo sa kotse eh

11:41 AM  

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