Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Coaching Guide

Mike Krzyzewski, USA and Duke University head coach
On the decision process about who will play:"To be quite frank, I think that will come easy once we get to camp and we see how they interact, how one guy's game interacts with another. It's about a team. It's not about picking the five best players to start. That may not be the case. Or the 12 best players to be on the team. There are only going to be 200 minutes that you have in a basketball game – five guys for 40 minutes. Not everybody at times are going to play in a game. And certain guys are going to have more playing time. So, when you're making up a team you have to consider all of those things. That's what we'll look at when we start our training camp."


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hmmm ang dami na nating na-experience na issue regarding playing time HAHAHA

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