Monday, April 24, 2006

The Superheroes of Hoops

The ultimate NBA championship team comprised solely of comic-book characters.

April 20, 2006 - The NBA playoffs are about to get underway. In other words, the real hoops season begins this weekend. In honor of the first round battles soon to take place, we put together our own championship-caliber hoops team. Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together as we announce the starting lineup for your IGN Superheroes!
Sitting Courtside
Wolverine as Jack Nicholson
Nick Fury as Sam Jackson
Hulk as Spike Lee
"I'm ready for my close-up, bub."
"We got snakes on the muthaf@#$in' court!"
"Hulk complain about everything!"
Supernatural Basketball Association
PG - Spider-Man
SG - Hawkeye
C - Giant Man
The man running point has to be able to handle the ball and be capable of pushing the ball quickly up the court. Sure, Spidey may get caught palming from time to time, but no one has better handling skills. He's not the best team player, but he never puts himself above those with an open shot.
A great team has to have balance, which means there has to be one shooter who's killer from behind the arc. Get Hawkeye some spacing and he'll drain treys all night.
In today's NBA, you need a center who's not only tall, but who also has some mobility. You don't get better than a guy who can alter his size. He can clog the lane, block out like nobody's business and dunk without leaving his feet.
PF - Luke Cage
SF - Cpt America
6th Man - Daredevil
If there's one guy you want layin' picks and clearing out the post, it's Luke Cage. The former Power Man makes the perfect Power Forward. He lacks range, but his presence inside should provide opportunity for the true shooters to get open.
Pure athleticism serves Cap well. As the small forward, he's strong enough to post up when he needs to, but is also the best bounce-passer in the history of the NBA. He can dish, shoot the fadeaway and defend on the other end of the court.
The sixth man on any team needs some versatility. While Daredevil may not be great in the post, he can shoot from anywhere on the floor and has an uncanny awareness of this teammates.
Coach - Superman
GM - Professor X
Some might think the Man of Steel should be on the court, but Superman's not much of a hoops player. He is, however, a great mind and the ultimate inspirational coach. He's not the fire and brimstone type, but that doesn't mean he's not effective.
Is someone trying to lowball the general manager on a trade? Who's going first in the draft? All this and more is already known by the one GM who can literally read the minds of his competitors.


Anonymous mike said...

hahahaha! kulit. nabasa na ko rin to sa ign...

san mo to ginawa? sa office? hehe.

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Blogger jp8 said...

oo eh.. walang magawa sa office minsan kaya puro surf sa net. sarap mag surf sa office kaysa sa bahay.

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