Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sabado Knights Loses 1st Game

As the final buzzer sounded, the last scene on the court was Sabado Knight's point guard on his knees on the hardcourt while his teammates were shaking hands with the opposing team. It was a very controversial game as the calls didn't go Sabado Knoght's way. There was the controversial technical foul on Cholo Carino for delaying the game, the 5th personal foul call on Cholo Carino which was a vital blow to the team because Cholo has been carrying the scoring load for all the 4 quarters and the most controversial event was the ungranted time-out call by the referees to the Sabado Knight's team which caused confusion on the whole team which resulted in a steal and a bucket for the Bambolas team who barely escaped with a one point victory 55 - 54. The Sabado Knight's team came back from a 6 point deficit to lead by 4 in the last 2 minutes of the game led by point guard JP Pangilinan, Cholo Carino, Markus Hidalgo and Stephen Cate. Cholo Carino fouled out with a controversial call which proved costly for the team. The game tape showed little contact which was a big blow to the team. Bambolas scored 2 points with less than 2 minutes remaining and Arjin Uetani came back with a clutch basket to bring Sabado Knight's up again by 4. Bambolas quickly scored again with less than a minute remaining to cut the lead agian to 2. With the clock winding down, Bambolas fouled JP Pangilinan which made 1 out of 2 free throw to bring Sabado Knight's again to lead by 3. Bambolas made a quick 2 again to cut the lead into 1 then Sabado Knight's called for a time out to set up one last play but the referees didn't grant the time out call which gave Sabado Knight's a second left to inbound the ball which resulted in a steal and a score for the Bambolas which caused the game for the Sabado Knights cagers which gave a valiant effort despite the absence of star center Joey Merin.


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